Hey, I’m Jane! For many years now I’ve been working as a mental skills and mindset coach at Confident Rider (my other business which inspired me to create Ride for A Change). I’ve helped hundreds of riders develop the head and hearts skills they need to create successful, willing partnerships with their horses, from grass roots level right through to World Equestrian Games competition.

If there’s two things I’ve learned, it’s this.

Number One: Bravery is a skill and a daily practice. It’s something you step into.

Number Two: Horses have much more to teach us than we do them if only we develop the ability to listen.

Brave enough to stand up and say “that’s what I want for myself” and to go after it. Brave enough to take action on what it is you want. Brave enough to recognize what’s working for you at the moment and what isn’t.

And skilled enough to know how to negotiate all of it with confidence, kindness and that little bit of something something that only you have- yourself.  

So that’s me. Passionate horse person. Unshakeable optimist. Coach. Writer. And dedicated to helping you help yourself so you can create a life bravely lived.

*** If you are thinking, dang it! I want me some of that but Im not really a “horse person”, fear not! My programmes are for equestrians and non-horse people alike.