A two day experience for you to define your dream

and develop the courage to go after it.

~ With Jane Pike and Robyn Schiller ~

Regardless of what your dream is in life, the biggest roadblock to making it happen is not a lack of desire. It’s not a lack of resources (even though it can often feel that way!). It’s not even a lack of strategic know-how. Nope. 

 It’s a lack of understanding of how to merge these three, vital components together: your mission, the defined, daily practice of your dream, with flexibility, perseverance and commitment. 

Learned Hopefulness is the practice of defining your dream, developing your mission and cultivating the self-belief and tenacity to pursue it in ways that are accessible and actionable.

If you’re wanting to get in charge of your thoughts, master your mindset and your emotions so you can get out there and create what you want for your life, this workshop will help you do that.

Part One: Getting Clear

+ Defining Your Dream and Your Mission (Your defined, daily practice of your dream)

+ Paying attention to the whole: Developing our intuitive, emotional, physical and intellectual intelligence

+ Creating a whole hearted practice

+ Understanding our controllables (what we need to commit to doing) & our transformables (what we need to commit to being)


Part Two: Worthy Now

+ The Practice of Everyday Brave + Grateful

+ Cultivating worthiness, shame resilience & beneficial beliefs

+ Busting through “I’m not good enough-ness”

Part Three: Taking Action

+ Emotional Processing Techniques

+ Dealing with fear, anxiety and self-doubt

+ Creating an actionable plan

+ Ensuring your commitments are proportional to your dream

+ NB: Workshops are able to be adapted to include an Equine Assisted Learning / experiential learning component with horses. 


DATE: 18/ 19 May, Hollister, California

COST: $597 USD || Early bird price $497 USD before 31 March, 2019

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